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Determine what debt management option will work best for you.

Our areas of knowledge include:

There are two bankruptcy options for consumers that would lead towards financial freedom and help relive the stress of an unmanageable debt …
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If you’re struggling with debts but bankruptcy is not the right choice for your situation, you might be eligible for debt negotiation. During debt …
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Consumers are protected from unfair, deceptive, and harassing debt collection practices. The FDCPA outlines how and when debt collectors can …
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You may receive a summons which is a legal notice that a creditor is legal taking action against you. Do not ignore this …
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Why choose us?

In 2019 consumer debt in the U.S rose to over $4 trillion dollars. When mortgages are included as well as the 2020 economic situation the total debt has risen to well over $14 trillion. Credit Cards and mortgages make up 65 – 70% of this amount with other major contributors being student and auto debt.

With debt being so widespread and common; 15% of Americans believe that they will always be in debt, it is not unusual to be having difficulty dealing with your personal debt situation. Regency Legal Group focuses on assisting our clients find a solution.