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Debt Negotiation

As stressful as it is when you find yourself having financial difficulties resulting in not being able to meet your debt obligations, debt collector harassment makes a bad situation worse. No matter what you tell them or how hard you are working to fix the situation the calls and letters continue.

What can you do? The team of negotiators at Regency Legal Group can act on your behalf, dealing directly with the creditors for you, working to put a stop to the harassment and finding a solution to your debt crisis.

Debt Negotiation Solutions

A lesser known alternative to the most common approaches of bankruptcy or simply continuing to struggle and getting further behind is debt negotiation. It is expensive and time consuming for your creditor to take legal action against you. If you file for bankruptcy, they will receive little to nothing so creditors may have an interest in being negotiated with to come to an alternative solution. This could mean a change of payment terms or paying a reduced amount to settle the debt and when handled by your legal representation it will be a binding agreement. During the process of negotiations the harassment by collectors should stop.

The Debt Negotiation Process

After reviewing your options, if you determine debt negotiation is the right solution for you, we will get to work on the process. The first step is to create a financial savings plan that is affordable for you in your current situation. Once that is in place we will, on your behalf, start negotiations with your creditor(s). Time frames can vary for how long it will take to come to agreement and during this process you continue to follow your savings plan. When an agreement is reached your creditor will be paid and your debt settled.

Working through the debt negotiation process with a lawyer instead of trying to do it yourself ensures that any agreement reached is legally enforceable so you will be protected from the creditor in the future regarding the settled debt. As well, when you work with legal counsel as your representation during negotiations, you will be protected from ongoing harassment and have an experienced negotiator fighting for your rights and the best possible outcome.

About Regency Legal Group

Regency Legal Group will work to fix your debt crisis. Almost any type of unsecured debts you have, store cards, credit cards, cash advances or personal loans, medical debts and even some utility bills can be negotiated through the debt negotiation process. Contact us now and find out what your options are to settle your debts through our no obligation debt evaluation.